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May 2009

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Rooftop Tour

Just another fun filled day seeing EVERYTHING we could possibly see

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While Stirling ran a charity race in Central Park Saturday morning, we woke up leisurely and did a little work ...(EdibleNature and BestBodyVitamins couldn't just run themselves).

We then met friends of Cass and Stirling's (Michelle, Sybil and Jen who had also run the race) at Thor for a great fixe price brunch that was a very good value for NYC (and good food). After a couple mimosa's we walked through Central Park and ended up at the Boathouse, watching the turtles, a couple celebrating their wedding day and other people rowing along in boats as we enjoyed a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc pondside.


Of course, it wasn't all beauty and fun - the boys HAD to use their toys!


We then headed over to Time Warner Plaza for a little window shopping and then to the MET for some culture. After a short time, and all the culture we could muster, we headed to the rooftop to enjoy the views and a cucumber mojito...


It was another beautiful day and the MET Rooftop did not disappoint - enjoy for yourself!

We then took a taxi (NYC style) to the rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel... for, guess what, another drink! After the sticker shock of the $22 drink - we enjoyed the views of 5th Avenue.

Next stop, another rooftop - this time at Stirling and Cass' for some Champagne and the sunset - what a great end to a perfect day!

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Manhattan to Brooklyn and Back Again

Let the Walking Commence....

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As we headed out on Day Two, Stirling took us through the streets of SoHo and then through Little Italy and Chinatown (not many surprises in the later two). I can see the draw of SoHo - the shops, restaurants, the curb appeal of the buildings with facades that are easily changeable - a good vibe and good energy.

We had decided to visit the Financial District and head over to Brooklyn. Along the way we are approached by Peter-the-Attorney in front of the Courthouse who should have been appointed Manhattan Ambassador as his love and passion for the City is clearly evident. Peter proceeded to walk us to a park bench and with great detail, informed us of what he believed to be the best itinerary for our day.

As we headed over to walk the circumference of Ground Zero (based on Peter's advice) we learned we must stop and get Taylor a pair of Flojos since his islander-like feet were developing blisters (In what City have we traveled that Taylor hasn't needed a new pair of flip-flops??!!).

After we see little progress made on Ground Zero (almost 8 years post 9/11), we head over to St. Pauls' Chapel, Wall Street, the Trinity Church and, of course, the Bull. I was amazed to see how many people wanted pictures in front of the Bull's Behind???!!! Smiling people happy to be standing right under his rear and wanting their picture taken - interesting to say the least.


We then took the subway over to Brooklyn (Peter further informed us that if we wanted to walk the bridge, to walk it FROM Brooklyn so we would be taking in the Manhattan skyline - good advice, Thank you Peter)! But first, we must try the Best Pizza in the City - Grimaldi's. Peter was right again!

I will admit it. I have a thing for bridges (yes, climbing the Sydney Bridge was indeed a lifetime highlight). Maybe it's my design background or just the sheer engineering brilliance behind most of the world's most recognizable bridges...the Brooklyn Bridge being one. It left nothing to be desired...the walk was great amongst people of all types - workers, bikers, tourists alike. The wood plank construction of the pedestrian/bike area coupled with the suspension cables and brick facade, what a marvel!


Of course, Stirling had other aspirations for the journey - using his iPhone to track our GPS progress (see our route across lower bridge in dark blue below):


After our long day, and even longer journey, we decided to take a cab back to the apartment so we could clean up for dinner at La Sirene followed by drinks at a speakeasy (drinks served in teacups - a throwback to prohibition times to allude cops)- both were divine.

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The Big Apple

We may have traversed 5 continents but we finally made it to NYC!

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After arriving at JFK and a somewhat tame cab ride (compared to Tijuana or Bangkok), we arrived at Stirling and Cassandra's apartment somewhere between SoHo and the Lower East Side - an area they affectionately deem "No Man's Land."

However,with chilled wine in hand and sunshine the City had not seen in days, one had to admire the view:

If you like off the beaten path types of places, consider Pegu Club which one would hardly give a second look as it is tucked away and not given much curb appeal fanfare - but inside the swanky setting tells a different story:


Another place we were taken by our hosts was Madame Geneva's which has all the great couches and lounge settings that NYC apparently has a thing for and people flock to.

We also hit Kittichai for dinner (Interpretive Thai as they are calling themselves) and Puck Fair for some after dinner drinks - by the end of the evening (or late night if you want to be specific), we were all feeling no pain.... and this was just our first 5 hours in the Big Apple.

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Big Apple Itinerary

At a Glance

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Thursday - May 7th
Pegu Club
Puck fair
Madame Geneva's (behind Backroom)

Friday- May 8th
Walked thru Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown
Walked the circumference of Ground Zero
Wall Street
Subway to Brooklyn
Grimaldi's pizza - yummy!
Walked back to Manhattan via Brooklyn bridge
La Sirene for dinner - good French food, make reservations early
Speakeasy for after dinner "tea"

Saturday - May 9th
Brunch at Thor with S&C's friends - Michelle, Sybil and Jen (Good Fixe Price Menu)
Walk Central park
Wine at Boathouse
MET & drinks at MET Rooftop
Top of Peninsula hotel - Salon de Ming (super pricey)
Champagne at Sting & Cass' rooftop (grill broken so we made Mexican food)

Sunday - Mother's Day
We said farewell to the Goetz and headed via train to CT to visit Fredericks
We had a great late lunch at Louise and Lou's after we walked through New Canaan downtown (cute)
After arriving in Grand Central we walked thru Bryant Park and Times Square then back to Marriott on 6th/38th

Monday - May 11th
We again walked thru Times Square (daylight is still a WOW factor)...not sure a good wow either?!
Bryant Park and then lite Lunch with Michael in midtown (Dishes)
Walked by Park and had late lunch at Lansky's Deli - yummy!!!
Kodama Sushi for dinner by Golden Theatre prior to Avenue Q
Taylor also enjoyed a drink at Irish Bar "Playwright" hoping for live music...none
We then happened upon the Marriott Marquis where we visited their rotating bar 48 floors up and enjoyed the immense night views (cover waived if you're a Marriott guest-bonus)!

Tuesday - May 12th
Departure day did not slow us down... we took a cab down to Pier 5 in hopes of catching early ferry to Stanton Island but had just missed it. So we photographed Miss Liberty instead and proceeded to walk through downtown and enjoy coffee at aleisurely pace.
We eventually made our way to the First Pizzeria in America - Lombardis and then took a cab back to hotel to catch a cab to JFK - whew, what an adventure!

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